• New Clearfield hybrid canola
  • Excellent standability under a wider range of conditions
  • Later maturity with good seedling vigour
  • Tested as SMHC105CL
  • High to very high grain oil content
  • Medium plant height
  • Blackleg rating R-MR
  • Proven in all canola growing regions across Australia

    Archer is the first commercial Clearfield hybrid from Heritage Seeds. It is a competitor to 45Y88 (CL), 45Y86 (CL) and Hyola 575CL exhibiting a robust package of outstanding yield and high oil percentage.



    Mid-late maturity. Later maturity than Carbine.



    Five to seven days later to flowering than Carbine.


    Recommended Growing Regions:

    All areas suited to mid to late maturity hybrids.


    Soil Types:

    Suited to a wide range of soil types – responds to improved fertility.


    Herbicide Tolerance Trait:

    Tested for tolerance to imidazolinone herbicides On-Duty and Intervix.


    Blackleg Resistance Rating - Fluquinconazole:

    R-MR (Resistant-Moderately Resistant)


    Blackleg Resistance Rating - Bare:

    MR - MS (Moderately Resistant to Moderately Susceptible)


    Yield Potential:

    Very high


    Grain Oil Content:

    High-Very high


    Early Vigour:



    Plant Height:

    Medium plant height in hybrid class





    Canola is grown in nearly all cropping regions & is the 3rd largest broadacre crop nationally. Heritage Seeds has invested in industry leading canola genetics to provide growers with varieties that perform across a wide range of growing environments, delivering profitability & maximising returns to...