• New hybrid Clearfield canola
  • Excellent standability under a wider range of conditions
  • Earlier maturity with exceptional seedling vigour
  • Tested as SMHC111CL
  • High to very high grain oil content
  • Medium plant height
  • Blackleg rating R - MR
  • Particularly well suited to all shorter season canola growing environments across Australia.

    Carbine is a market leading Clearfield hybrid canola that offers a competitive package of yield and oil potential when compared to 44Y84 (CL), 44Y87 (CL) and Hyola 474CL.



    Early mid maturity similar to 44Y87 (CL) and Hyola 474CL. Earlier than Archer.


    Recommended Growing Regions:


    All areas suited to early to mid-maturity hybrids


    Soil Types:

    Suited to a wide range of soil types – responds to improved fertility


    Herbicide Tolerance Trait:

    Tested for tolerance to imidazolinone herbicides On-Duty and Intervix


    Blackleg Resistance Rating - Fluquinconazole:

    R-MR (Resistant – Moderately Resistant)


    Blackleg Resistance Rating - Bare:

    MR-MS (Moderately Resistant - Moderately Susceptible)


    Resistance Group of Cultivar:

    Group A


    Yield Potential:

    Very high


    Grain Oil Content:

    High-Very high


    Plant Vigour:



    Plant Height:

    Medium plant height in hybrid class





    Canola is grown in nearly all cropping regions & is the 3rd largest broadacre crop nationally. Heritage Seeds has invested in industry leading canola genetics to provide growers with varieties that perform across a wide range of growing environments, delivering profitability & maximising returns to...