Red Wheat

  • Highest yielding winter wheat, currently holds the world wheat yield record
  • Strong leaf disease package
  • Late maturity, best suited to medium/high rainfall zones
  • Seed based royalty. No EPR

    The highest yielding fully recommended nabim Group 2 winter wheat on the HGCA recommended list, Einstein has performed extremely well across a range of situations. Ideally suited as a first wheat, it has also produced excellent results when grown in a second or continuous wheat situation and is suitable for late drilling up until the end of July.


    Produces good quality grain which is suitable for good quality feed grain. A crop of Einstein winter wheat in New Zealand has achieved a new world wheat record, with a crop which harvested a yielded of 15.637 tonnes per hectare. Einstein has produced consistently high yields over a wide range of years.


    Disease Resistance/Tolerance

    Einstein has good all round disease resistance, particularly to Yellow Leaf Spot and has good grain quality which is suitable for both domestic and overseas grists. Einstein is also suitable for organic situations. Einstein has a good level of mildew resistance (HGCA rating = 7). Einstein has moderate resistance ratings for both the rust diseases (HGCA yellow rust rating = 5, HGCA brown rust rating = 6).


    Pest Resistance

    Consult your preferred agronomist / advisor for up to date advice on pecific varietal management and agronomy relating to Einstein.


    Variety Management / Agronomy

    Consult your preferred agronomist / advisor for up to date advice on Einstein’s pest resistance and associated management decisions.




    The staple food of almost half the world's population and is one of the most important commodities produced by the Australian agriculture industry.