GBA Ruby


  • Australian Standard White (ASW) wheat
  • Very high rust resistant variety developed for Southern and Western Australian conditions
  • High yielding, broadly adapted mid season variety
  • Stem, stripe and leaf rust resistance (including WA strains)
  • Good resistance to Septoria tritici, black point, yellow leaf spot and powdery mildew
  • Very short mixing time with excellent dough stability, high test weight and low screenings

    GBA Ruby combines good drought tolerance with an outstanding package of disease resistance in a taller, mid-season semi-dwarf variety that is well suited to the medium and low rainfall zones of the northern and central wheat belt of WA. It also has a proven history of high yield in southern NSW and Victoria environments. 



    Sowing Rate

    A formula can be initiated to calculate sowing rates – taking into account target plant density, germination percentage, seed size and establishment rates. Example: 1000 seed weight in grams = 35; Target plant population / sq metre = 140; Establishment % = 80; Germination % = 90. Sowing Rate = 35 x 140 / 100 / (0.8 x 0.9) Sowing Rate = 68 kg/ha


    Pest Resistance

    Consult preferred agronomist / advisor for up to date advice on GBA Rubys pest resistance and associated management decisions.


    Disease Resistance/Tolerance

    The superior disease package, especially for stripe rust resistance and robustness of GBA Ruby maintain competitive dollar returns per hectare from coast to coast. The Cereal Rust Laboratory in Sydney rates GBA Ruby in the most resistant class for the WA race of stripe rust. Importantly the resistance is built on the Yr27 gene that is relatively rare in Australian varieties, a factor predicted to extend the life on the resistance of GBA Ruby beyond that of other varieties.


    Variety Management/Agronomy

    Consult preferred agronomist / advisor for up to date advice on specific varietal management and agronomy relating to GBA Ruby.



    This variety is registered under Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) in Australia. Unauthorised commercial propagation or any sale, conditioning, export, import or stocking of propagating material is an infringement under the Plant Breeders Rights Act (1994). Any breach of this legislation will leave the grower liable for prosecution.



    An EPR of $3.00 / T excluding GST is payable on all GBA Ruby grain produced. 



    GBA Ruby has consistently out-yielded most commercial varieties. It has completed a number of development cycles and has been especially selected to provide stripe rust resistance. GBA Ruby has been yielding similar to Wyalkatchem where disease pressure exists. It has a long coleoptile and useful waterlogging tolerance combined with low screenings and a high test weight at harvest. Growers have noted the advantages of Ruby as a competitor in weedy paddock.



    The staple food of almost half the world's population and is one of the most important commodities produced by the Australian agriculture industry.