Granger Barley Parkes NSW Aug 2014!



  • Barley Australia accredited malt variety (March 2013)
  • High yield potential
  • Medium / late maturity – similar to Gairdner and Baudin
  • Medium / short plant height
  • Broad adaptation to all barley growing areas across Australia
  • Excellent straw strength and resistance to lodging
  • Large kernel size and high test weight
  • High malt extract – superior to Gairdner
  • High malt yields with good diastatic power

    GrangeR is a Barley Australia accredited malt variety, developed by the Nickerson barley breeding program. Derived from a cross between the two European malting varieties Braemar and Adonis, it is a high-yielding, medium-long season variety with a 3-4% yield advantage over Oxford. With benefits including a high malt extract and good diastatic power, GrangeR barley offers broad adaptability standing 3-4 cm taller than Gairdner and 10cm taller than Baudin. It has an excellent lodging resistance and high grain harvest quality (excellent test weight and very low screenings).


    Variety Management / Agronomy

    GrangeR barley does not require any varietal specific management considerations. However when considering broader management requirements, please consult extension agronomists from various State Government departments or experienced commercial agronomists / consultants in the relevant growing areas.


    Disease Resistance



    Over a number of years, GrangeR has been evaluated in the NVT system across all mainland states. Please refer to the long term average yield results in the following tables. 






    A member of the grass family, it is a major cereal grain grown in temperate climates globally.