Grain Sorghum hybrid

  • Midge rating of 7
  • Semi open head type
  • Medium maturity (similar to MR-43 and 84G22 / quicker than HGS-114)
  • Good seedling vigour
  •  Medium in height
  • Medium tillering habit
  • Very good standability
  • Excellent grain size and test weight
  • Red grain colour
  • Low to moderate staygreen levels

    Bred to maximise top end yields, HGS-102 grain sorghum is a great option for farmers looking for a mid to full season maturity hybrid that has a midge rating of 7. HGS-102 benefits from great head exertion, a deep red colour and is strong enough to handle tough conditions. It is similar in maturity to MR43 and MR-Buster. Independent trial work to date has shown HGS-102 is an outstanding dual-purpose hybrid that is equal to or better than other commercial hybrids.


    Download a copy of the HGS 102 Grain Sorghum factsheet.  


    Mid-full season grain sorghum


    Rainfall/climate zone
    Full profile, mid rainfall and irrigation


    Soil types
    Most black vertisols

    Farm enterprise types
    Grain farmers


    Similar to

    Better than
    MR-Bazley, G22 and Dominator


    Sowing rate
    Dryland 30,000 - 40,000 plants/ha
    Irrigation 70,000 - 110,000 plants/ha


    Seed Treatments

    HGS-102 will be available with OptiCOTE Plus seed treatment (Thiram fungicide + Cruiser® insecticide + Concep II® seed safener). 

    Awaken or alternative seed treatments available upon request and firm order.


    Cruiser® and Concep II® are registered trademarks of Syngenta.


    Grain Sorghum

    The main summer grain crop grown in North Eastern Australia, it plays a key role in providing feed grains to the beef, dairy, pig and poultry industries. It is also a good rotation crop that tolerates heat and moisture stress and performs better than maize on soils with marginal potassium levels.