• APH classification – QLD and Northern NSW
  • Widely grown quick maturing variety (similar maturity to Hartog)
  • Proven high protein performer when compared to Hartog
  • Moderately susceptible to crown rot
  • Moderately resistant to yellow leaf spot
  • Moderately resistant to stem rust and moderately resistant to moderate susceptible to leaf rust
  • Exhibits moderate tolerance to RLN (P. thornei)
  • Good straw strength
  • Suited to main season plantings QLD & Northern NSW
  • Suits early to main season planting in Central QLD

    Kennedy is a quick maturing spring wheat of semi dwarf habit, which comes into head about the same time as Hartog. It has very strong straw strength making it resistant to lodging. Kennedy is hard grained with high dough strength, a long mixing time and excellent baking qualities.



    Sowing Rate

    A formula can be initiated to calculate sowing rates – taking into account target plant density, germination percentage, seed size and establishment rates. Example: 1000 seed weight in grams = 35;Target plant population / sq metre = 140; Establishment % = 80;Germination % = 90. Sowing Rate = 35 x 140 / 100 / (0.8 x 0.9) Sowing Rate = 68 kg/ha


    Pest Resistance

    Consult preferred agronomist / advisor for up to date advice on Kennedy’s resistance and associated management decisions.


    Disease Resistance/Tolerance:

    Haymaker has demonstrated resistance to Chocolate Spot (Botrytis), Rust (Uromyces) and Ascochyta (Ascochyta spp.). Haymaker Woolly Pod Vetch adds to the rotation by providing an excellent alternative crop for controlling cereal root diseases.

    Variety Management/Agronomy:


    Haymaker Vetch produces 80-90% hard seed. This is advantageous for crop/pasture rotations that require long term persistence.


    Vetch is not suited to close grazing as their growing points are well above ground level. However, in longer season environments Haymaker can be lightly grazed successfully during winter and early spring provided that the growing points are not damaged. Heavy grazing can cause significant damage to the plant and it may not recover. Bloat can be a problem on pure legume stands and stock will have to be watched if grazing green Vetch paddocks.




    Disease Resistance/Tolerance

    Kennedy is moderately resistant to yellow leaf spot and leaf rust. It is resistant to stem rust and moderately resistant to stripe rust (excluding WA strain). Kennedy has moderate tolerance to root lesion nematodes and is resistant to black point and shattering.



    Variety Management/Agronomy

    Consult preferred agronomist / advisor for up to date advice on specific varietal management and agronomy relating to Kennedy.


    The staple food of almost half the world's population and is one of the most important commodities produced by the Australian agriculture industry.