Summer Green

Forage Maize

  • Warm-season, fast growing maize (corn) crop
  • Suitable for grazing, green chop or fodder making
  • Comparative degree of cool-tolerance compared to sorghum and millet, with higher yield potential and no prussic acid

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    Summer Green is a warm-season, fast growing maize (corn) crop for grazing, green chop or fodder making. It has a comparative degree of cool-tolerance compared to sorghum and millet, with
    higher yield potential and no prussic acid.


    Summer Green is fast, safe feed for summer and autumn.
    • Green summer feed
    • Direct grazing
    • Green-chop, cut & carry
    • Silage and/or hay
    • Irrigation or dryland
    • Summer break crop


    Variety Management/Agronomy:


    Rainfall: 20 – 30mm per t DM/ha
    pH: 5.5 – 7.5
    Suits: Most soil types

    Summer Green is usually sown in late spring from October to December timed to emerge after the last frosts. Soil temperatures of 12°C, preferably 14°C, and rising are best for good germination,
    typically allowing it to be sown 2-4 weeks earlier than sorghum or millet. It is often used as a summer forage or green chop option in summer irrigated areas. Dryland crops sown on a fallow can be
    very successful. Weed control options are the same as maize silage, although many crops will not require herbicides if sown after a knock-down, as the crop is very competitive.


    It will suit strip grazing, from around 7-8 weeks when approximately at the 6 leaf stage (50-80cm tall). A longer growing period will allow for higher yields to be achieved. Regrowth potential is fairly
    poor and the first grazing should be considered the main crop. There are few if any specific animal health concerns and Summer Green may be readily incorporated into a feed ration.


    Sowing timing:
    Late Oct - Late Dec, 12-14°C soil temp and rising.


    Seeding rates:
    Marginal Dryland 40-50 kg/ha (approx 10 plants/m2)
    Good Dryland/Irrigated 75-100 kg/ha (15-20+ plants/m2)

    Sowing depth:
    3-5 cm, precision equipment not necessary.

    Fertiliser, weed, pest control as per maize or corn. A soil test is highly recommended; trace elements may also be needed. Ideally about 50% should be spread prior to sowing, and the balance applied by
    4-5 weeks after sowing.


    A 10 t DM/ha crop will utilise: N 120 kg/ha, P 25 kg/ha, K 100 kg/ha


    Grazing / Harvesting:
    7 week stock withholding period post sowing. Usually grazed from 8-11 weeks post sowing.



    Indicative yield
    8 wks: 4- 6 t DM/ha
    12 wks: 12 -12 t DM/ha
    16 wks: 15 -20 t DM/ha