Stubble turnip

  • High yielding summer crop offering large volumes of feed
  • Low cost quality feed
  • Suitable for dairy, sheep and beef
  • High bulb percentage - approximately 45% of total yield
  • Excellent break crop option in pasture renewal programs

    Dynamo is a globe shaped turnip providing a high yielding summer crop. It provides large volumes of low cost, quality feed when pasture quality and quantity declines. Dynamo produces a good level of bulb (around 45% of total yield). It is also an excellent break crop in pasture renewal programs. Dynamo is ready to graze 10-14 weeks after sowing. Suits dairy systems, sheep and cattle.


    Good yield & feed quality:

    Dynamo helps maintain MS production over summer. It produces high DM yields, not significantly different from the top varieties and has excellent feed quality i.e. ME over 12.5 MJ/kg DM.


    High bulb percentage:

    Summer turnips produce their yield in different ways. Dynamo produces a good level of bulb (around 45% of total yield), giving it an advantage in seasons when high levels of leaf diseases or pests are present.


    Low cost summer feed:

    Sowing a poor performing paddock into Dynamo makes sense as it can provide feed for around 13c/kg DM*.


    Herbs & Brassicas

    High yielding, high quality annual crops that are established during the warmer months to fill a summer, autumn or winter feed gap. Within the brassica options there are good forage solutions as well as great versatility. Seek specific advice for your situation.