SARDI 10 Series 2

Highly winter active lucerne

  • Highly winter active - rating of 10
  • Suited to cropping rotations, pasture mixes and year round hay production systems
  • Improved forage production and persistence over SARDI 10
  • High winter growth and grazing tolerance
  • Very good seedling vigour
  • Highly productive 3 - 4 year + option
  • Multiple screens for excellent disease and insect resistance

    A new release from Heritage Seeds, SARDI 10 Series 2 benefits from excellent winter growth and is a leader in grazing tolerance for a highly winter active lucerne. 

    During its development, the breeder was successful in focusing on improving the very popular SARDI 10. The greatest emphasis was on increasing forage production and quality, pest and disease resistance, persistence and grazing tolerance. A key physical feature is the greatly improved leaflet density down the length of each stem. These advancements allow for even greater adaptability to Australian farming systems.



    Variety Management/Agronomy

    During the establishment period lucerne seedlings are vulnerable and care must be taken not to overgraze as it can cause a severe reduction in plant density. Once established, rotational grazing is important to help improve persistence of the crop. Ideally spell before cutting or grazing until 10% of stems commence flowering, or crown shoots are 1–2cm long on 50% of plants. Avoid cutting or grazing lower than 5cm and it is important to have the crop grazed within a certain time frame (ie 4–6 weeks). Set stocking at moderate to high stocking rates reduces persistence.


    Trial Results

    The excellent performance of SARDI 10 Series 2 has been demonstrated across a broad range of environments and farming systems in Australia.

    The significant breakthrough in lucerne breeding technology that combines seedling vigour with year round growth, persistence and grazing tolerance means SARDI 10 Series 2 is well suited to challenging broadacre farming systems.



    SARDI 10 Series 2 has been granted protection under PBR. Unauthorised commercial propagation or any sale, conditioning, export, import or stocking of propagating material of this variety is an infringement under the Plant Breeder’s Rights Act 1994.