Renovator 850i

Premium pasture blend

  • Highly productive permanent pasture for high rainfall or irrigated applications
  • Overall yield advantage
  • Late winter/early spring and summer growth

    Performance Dairy & Finishing, harder going


    The Renovator 850i formulation produces a highly productive permanent pasture for
    high rainfall or irrigated applications. Arrow and Impact 2 are densely tillered, higher performance diploid perennial ryegrasses. Both aid recovery from potential pugging and improve persistence under more challenging conditions. AgriCote Storm and Weka white clovers combine to provide year round production and excellent grazing and heat tolerance.


    What's on the tag is in the bag

    Each bag of our Renovator range comes with a sewn in tag that states which varieties have been included in the blend and the percentage of the blend that it makes up. This gives you the confidence of knowing what has gone into the mix and that you are getting what you paid for!



    The Renovator range of pasture blends provides farmers with the right mix necessary to produce superior results and superior pastures. They are premium seed blends formulated using Heritage Seeds’ strong agronomic, technical and research advantage.