Renovator HDL Early Mix

Premium pasture blend

  • For low rainfall sites
  • Offers quality sheep feed 
  • Nitrogen fixation

    Renovator HDL Early Mix is a  grass-free, short-term pasture for low rainfall sites. Benefits include nitrogen fixation and reducing grass weed burden. Renovator HDL Early Mix offers quality sheep feed when other pastures are running to head in spring.


    Renovator HDL Early mix suits areas with a relatively short seasonal growing period.  The three varieties each have their own growth habit flowering dates, which provide feed and quality over a longer period.  All three varieties are hard-seeded, so if a proportion were allowed to flower and re-seed, the stand could continue if required.


    Variety Species %
    Frontier Balansa Clover 27.5
    Cefalu Arrowleaf Clover 40
    Nitro Plus Persian Clover 32.5
    Sowing at a rate of 12-15 kg/ha. 


    Best sown into crop stubbles or spray-fallowed pastures, usually around March-April. Pre-emergent herbicides may be considered if appropriate, particularly as part a grass-weed control strategy.


    What's on the tag is in the bag

    Each bag of our Renovator range comes with a sewn in tag that states which varieties have been included in the blend and the percentage of the blend that it makes up. This gives you the confidence of knowing what has gone into the mix and that you are getting what you paid for!


    The Renovator range of pasture blends provides farmers with the right mix necessary to produce superior results and superior pastures. They are premium seed blends formulated using Heritage Seeds’ strong agronomic, technical and research advantage.