Annual Ryegrass

  • Mid-late flowering, tetraploid annual ryegrass
  • Australian bred by Heritage Seeds – giving excellent adaptation
  • Quick to first grazing
  • High autumn/winter/spring growth – maximum production
  • Fast re-growth/recovery after grazing
  • Good quality
  • Good heat tolerance
  • Good rust resistance

    Download a copy of the Vortex Ryegrass factsheet.


    Vortex is a mid to mid-late flowering tetraploid annual ryegrass. It has high autumn/winter and early spring dry matter production. It has extremely good seedling vigour. It is a true Westerwolds type. Leaves are broad and deep green in colour.




    Compared to other commercial cultivars, Vortex has exhibited good overall yield. The performance of Vortex is particularly strong through autumn/winter and early spring when feed on farm is most valuable. Rust can be important for feed quality and stock acceptance. Vortex shows above average rust tolerance.



    Vortex has been extensively merit tested since 2009 throughout southeastern Australia. It will be suited to all environments where annual ryegrass is presently grown. It will particularly suit producers requiring fast establishment, early grazing, cool season performance and silage and hay production. This will suit autumn/winter dairying, fat lamb production, beef production and early-mid season silage production.

    Annual Ryegrass

    Sow for high quality short-term winter crops, to providing multiple grazings in winter & spring. It exhibits the greatest winter growth potential of all the ryegrass types. Generally used for a 6-9 month winter crop or to make the most of a growing season where late season rain is unreliable.