• Finer, soft leaves
  • Upright growth
  • Excellent autumn and winter growth
  • Less likely to form clumps
  • More compatible with other pasture varieties

    Howlong is a cocksfoot variety, selected for its finer, soft leaves and upright growth. It has excellent autumn and winter growth and does not form large clumps making it easier to manage.

    Howlong has been bred from Porto cocksfoot specifically for Australian conditions. As the name suggests, much of the selection work was done at Heritage Seeds’ research station near Howlong in southern New South Wales.

    With fine leaves and tillers and an upright growth habit, Howlong is more compatible with other pasture varieties making management easier.




    Howlong has high total yield and good autumn and winter production.


    Recommended Sowing Rates




    A true perennial that suits lighter, well drained soils. It is the most acid-soil tolerant grass & will produce well where many other grasses struggle. It is generally used in low-medium rainfall areas as a component in a pasture mix with clovers and other grasses.