Impact 2

Perennial Ryegrass

  • All seasons growth pattern
  • Excellent persistence
  • Productive high yield

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    Impact 2 is an exceptional ryegrass due to its tiller density and the endophyte NEA2, providing outstanding persistence, palatability, insect resistance and no staggers or animal performance issues. The more even seasonal growth curve gives good feed production throughout the year. A combination of features we have not seen before.



    Key Features:


    All seasons growth pattern - Late flowering winter to late spring and early summer growth. Late season quality with very strong autumn, winter and early spring production. Impact 2 is arguably the best variety to come from the Agriseeds breeding program to date.


    Excellent persistence - Impact 2 has the ability to persist in difficult environments and management conditions because of the strength of NEA2 endophyte and the high tiller density of a diploid ryegrass.


    Productive high yield - Impact 2 has high total yield and good production in all seasons; as shown throughout Australian and New Zealand trials. Impact 2’s unique genetics combined with NEA2 endophyte give longer lasting pasture.


    Disease & Pest Resistance:


    Impact 2 with NEA2 is a first in that NEA2 is a natural endophyte of Impact 2 and has been bred and tested as a team. This natural combination of cultivar and endophyte is likely to be one reason we are seeing such good field performance and we sell the combination we have tested. This combination gives good insect protection in the Australian environment with no staggers or animal performance issues. NEA2 the natural endophyte of Impact 2 provides excellent resistance particularly against black beetle and root aphid.


    Product Fit:


    • Temperate high rainfall and irrigated regions for high production dairy systems under high stocking rates or adverse conditions such as pugging or marginal country.
    • Earlier finishing applications where earlier flowering varieties are traditionally used high rainfall beef and sheep.
    • Mixes: Ideal in a mix with other late flowering perennials such as Bealey, with or without white clover or sub clovers. 
    • Impact 2 should be used in more difficult applications where its higher tiller density and stronger endophyte protection will result in more robust persistence. Bealey will be better suited to higher fertility, well managed applications where maximum production is being targeted. Impact 2 and Bealey are ideal in a mix giving the benefits of both varieties.


    Breeding History:


    Impact 2 is a re-selection of late flowering Tolosa material. Tolosa plants were selected for improved seed production characteristics and forage yield. In trials Impact 2 has shown a yield advantage to Tolosa. It is noted that Tolosa was an exceptional cultivar which provided very good persistence, yield and palatability. Tolosa is also the parent variety of Bealey.




    Perennial Ryegrass

    Perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) is the grass of choice for permanent pastures. It establishes rapidly, yields well, tolerates a range of management practices and has a high nutritive value.

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