Buffel Grass

  • Fine leafed erect plant type
  • Long growing season
  • Ability to grow coming out of winter
  • Better production than USA and Gayndah
  • Good persistence
  • Handles a wide range of soil types
  • Survives well in frost prone Western areas



    Lakota is a new fine leafed buffel grass which offers good early feed coming out of the winter months. It has a long growing season and is highly productive across a range of soil types including the lighter red and black soils with a pH range of 5.5+. Lakota has good persistence and also benefits from a degree of cold tolerance for western regions. 


    Trial seed available 2017For moreinformation contact:

    Greg Flavel

    Head of Northern Research - Product Development Agronomist

    M: 0413 442 822

    E: gflavel@heritageseeds.com.au

    Tropical Grasses

    Tropically adapted grasses come in a wide range of species adapted to varying conditions. Many summer crops grown today are annual tropical grasses. Perennial tropical grasses offer the same benefits in terms of growth response to moisture & temperature and dry matter production.