Equimaster Premium Horse Blend

For the horse enthusiast

  • Ensures safety to the animal
  • Low in oxalate
  • Handles grazing pressure



    This is a blend specifically for the horse enthusiast. This mix ensures safety to the animal as all grasses are low in oxalate and can handle the grazing pressure. The use of both tufted and stoloniferous grass species allow the pastures to fill in quickly, producing a large ground cover. Legume component consists of Lucerne and Burgundy Bean for both summer and winter production. The Millet will help with quick ground cover and protecting juvenile plants from heat stress and frost or cold shock.


    Variety Species %
    Rhodes grass Rhodes grass 40
    Creeping Bluegrass Bluegrass 15
    Premier Digit Digitaria 15
    SARDI-Grazer Lucerne 10
    B1 Burgundy Burgundy Bean 10
    Millet Cereal 10
    Sowing rate: 12-15kg/ha
    Tropical Mixes

    If you’re thinking about renovating or improving your pasture this season, it’s worth considering a tropical blend or a custom mix. At Heritage Seeds we have a number of high performance tropical grass mixes and legume blends offering multiple benefits to graziers.