Western Lands Mix

Very hardy mix of grasses

  • Specifically for lighter acid soils and recovering, shallow, white pine country
  • High productivity and cold tolerance
  • Early winter stay green ability



    This blend of USA buffel for lighter country and Gayndah for the red/grey loams and hardy annual and perennial legumes will cover a mixture of soil types typically encountered in the Western pastoral zone (350 to 450 mm rainfall). Annual medics with aphid resistance, Arrowleaf clover and Amiga stylo provide year round legume growth and persistence through high seed set.


    Variety Species %
    USA Buffel 35
    Gayndah Buffel 35
    Bambastii Panic Grass 20
    Suitable for Blade plough, cutter bar or conventional seeding equipment. Sow at 6 - 8kgs/ha
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