• Fast establishing tetraploid annual ryegrass
  • Quick to first grazing with excellent winter growth
  • Late maturing with good spring quality
  • Excellent rust resistance and also resistant to gray leaf spot disease (ryegrass blast).


    T-Rex is a fast establishing tetraploid annual ryegrass (bred from Surrey) that is quick to first grazing, has excellent winter growth and is late maturing so has good spring quality.



    Fast Establishment:

    T-Rex is fast establishing and well suited to over-sowing or mulch planting, providing quick, high quality feed from planting. T-Rex also has good water soluble carbohydrate (sugar) levels making it ideal for spring fodder conservation.



    Disease Resistant:

    T-Rex has excellent rust resistance and is also resistant to gray leaf spot disease. This makes T-Rex reliable option for the Northern reginons of Australia where these diseases can have a devastating effect on ryegrass pastures. T-Rex also has excellent performance in southern Australia and is characterised by consistent yields in all regions.


    Cost Effective:

    The average yield advantage of T-Rex over Tetila in the below trials was 13%. As T-Rex may cost extra up front, it is tempting to think that the cheaper option will do. This decision could easily be costing you hundreds of dollars per hectare. Rather than looking at the cost of the seed, it is the potential return from the investment in seed that should drive your decision.


    Yield Data:



    1. Results expressed relative to trial mean
    2. Heritage Seeds Research 2006
    3. Average results from 18 department trials across NSW expressed relative to Concord 


    Sowing Rate:



    Temperate Grasses

    Any cool season grass including species such as ryegrasses, cocksfoot, tall fescue and phalaris.