Curator Turf Range

Hardwearing Blend

A tough blend to last under harsh weather conditions and rugged use that germinates and establishes quickly without compromising the wear resistance and turf quality.


Parks Blend

A durable blend for broadacre parklands, recreation areas and all landscape work. Produces a fast establishing, hardy surface.


Sun & Shade Blend

A blend selected for shade tolerance where other seed will not grow. It produces a fine, low growing lawn that cuts to a dense swath with a dark green colour. It is also suitable for sunny areas.


Turf Blend

A dark green drought and disease resistant mix that has excellent wear tolerance, suiting most soil types. It is an ideal choice for home lawns.


SUPER-TUFF Watersaver (Kikuyu blend)

Super-Tuff Water Saver offers the homeowner fast establishment of ryegrass plus the long-term persistence and water-saving features of Kikuyu. Kikuyu is an attractive and competitive turfgrass species which spreads rapidly by tillers and stolons. As the summer progresses the Kikuyu will begin to dominate the ryegrass. 


SUPER-TUFF Watersaver (Couch blend)

This dual action blend offers the homeowner or turf manager the fast establishment of ryegrass plus the long-term persistence and water-saving and fi ne textured features of Couch. Due to its hard wearing and low cutting properties, Couch is used on cricket wickets, sports fi elds, tennis courts, golf fairways, tees and also home lawns. As the summer progresses the Couch will slowly dominate the ryegrass. 


Village Green Range

Village Green is a rapid establishing, hard wearing, economical all-purpose blend. It is suited to all lawns, nature strips, ovals, parks and gardens with or without irrigation. It combines the ease of establishment with management, to make an all-purpose blend for any season.