Warm-Season Grass


(Sowing rate: 0.5 – 1kg/100m2)      

Riviera is a high end, dense, fine leaf couch. It has superior turf quality, excellent winter hardiness, drought tolerance, good spring green up and colour. Riviera is the best seeded couch available and performed very well against vegetative varieties in ANTEP trials 2011-2012.



(Sowing rate: 1kg/100m2

Transcontinental represents a new generation of improved turf quality, colour and performance. With improved cold tolerance for winter survival, it has been used in the ACT in a full golf course fairway conversion (Gold Creek) with great success.



(Sowing rate: 0.5 – 1kg/100m2)      

Turf type Whittet kikuyu is a persistent warm season grass. Whittet is a vigorous spreading grass that will retain its green colour in the absence of heavy frosts.